Top 5 Small Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

You have a better shot at reaching your small business goals with time management apps such as RescueTime, Xero accounting software, and more.
October 21 | 3 Minutes

Starting a small business is one of the most exciting things a person can do. If you’ve launched a biz, or are thinking of doing so, having the right set of tools by your side can go a long way towards helping you succeed. We know you can do something awesome with your idea, so we’re sharing our 5 favorite small business apps to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.

1. Slack

Slack is one of the biggest messaging apps in the professional world today with more than 10 million daily active users. The official website calls it a “collaboration hub,” as it is designed for your employees to better work as a team. In the app, you can chat directly with your employees, or you can create groups pertaining to various roles within the company (such as #sales, #customerservice, #leadership, etc). It’s also easy to share images, other media files, attachments, and more through the app.

Small Business Apps
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Our app offers integration with Slack.

2. RescueTime

Time management is a crucial element for running a business. RescueTime is one of the best small business apps because it gives you a clear picture of how you invest your time every day. With the app, you can optimize how you use your time, reducing interruptions, and allowing you to “take back control of your day,” as the RescueTime website says. Every entrepreneur looking to crush it should download this app.

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3. Trello

Whereas RescueTime is great for helping you manage your hours, Trello makes it easy to keep tabs on your team’s tasks. The app allows each employee to organize their tasks in a simple and efficient manner. You have boards where you can break down a project according to where it is in the pipeline with cards that include customizable titles. If multiple people are working on that project, each person can contribute to it at various stages by shifting the card, adding notes, and more.

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4. Xero

Every entrepreneur needs to keep their finances in order to run their company as best they can. For this reason, Xero is one of the best small business apps out there. The accounting software allows you to send invoices on the go, categorize your transactions, manage your inventory, and more.

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The Novo app offers integration with Xero, making it easy for you to connect your checking account with the accounting software.

5. Insightly

An integral element of any small business owner is developing strong relationships with their customers. Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool where you can categorize your contacts, add their social profiles, and more. You can also keep track of where you are in the sales pipeline with each customer, and you can add reminders for any pending tasks.

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The Takeaway

There are plenty of small business apps out there for you to use, and these might be the best ones right now. From Xero’s accounting capabilities to how Insightly helps you serve your customers, and Trello’s project management abilities, we hope these apps will be of use in your quest to becoming the best entrepreneur you can be.

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