Embracing tech is the only option for your modern startup

Revamp your business strategy with state-of-the-art technologies that will help you succeed.
November 07 | 5 min

We’ve evolved from the saying “adapt or die” to a new, shiny, well-designed adage “upgrade or go obsolete,” especially when referring to modern businesses. Let’s face it: doing things manually means doing things the hard way. If startups want to avoid following in the footsteps of Kodak and fail to keep up with the times, they must embrace new technologies and integrate them into their products. This is key in establishing a name for your brand and staying relevant in an increasingly tech-savvy age.  

Technology is a way of life, not just a convenience
You’ve probably already checked your phone at least once while reading this article. No hard feelings! None of us can help it. A study conducted by the company Asurion has found that Americans check their phones at least 80 times a day — that’s once every twelve minutes and one heck of a wrist workout. But, while some of us are bitterly shaking our heads and wondering where the world went, smart startups are using this reality to their advantage and by making themselves more portable. They don’t have to shrink themselves or their offices to fit their businesses in the palm of your hand — although, maybe in the not-too-distant future, there’ll be an app for that too.

Apps are the new black
The advantages of technology are hiding in plain sight, right behind the screen of your smartphone. Consider all the applications you use on a daily basis and the ways they solve common problems; they often work so efficiently that it is difficult to imagine life without them. These apps are an essential foothold for a company because today’s consumers expect that, within a few short swipes, queries, and screens, they will find whatever they are looking for.

You take advantage of these apps, giving you more control over user experience. But, being able to control your brand’s image like this is only one of the hundreds of perks that modern technology brings to the table.  

An online presence is pretty much the only way to stay relevant in the digital age
Window shopping on 5th Avenue is so last century. Now, everyone’s all about scrolling through product pages online, sorting by what’s “near me” with the most five star reviews. The dominance of these features is a testament to a larger shift towards digital marketing worldwide, so don’t get left in the past. Relevancy has become a fact of life for businesses around the world, and not enough businesses are using online platforms to their full potential.

Almost 100% of online consumers read online reviews of their local businesses, and more than one in ten do so daily. It’s painful to imagine how much publicity and web traffic your startup could miss out on if it isn’t online. So don’t shoot yourself in the foot by missing out!

The key to success is embracing the holy trinity — of tech
Today’s startups are capitalizing on the influence of technology like never before. Through new technology, businesses are thinking outside of the box, defying convention, and making everyday life much simpler. But in spite of the variety of ways tech has touched our lives, the best examples are all simple, convenient tools that offer uniform solutions under one operating platform. Let’s call this the “tech trinity”:

1) Simplicity: Streamline your product or application. You want all your content to be within thumb’s reach or just a few short clicks away. Think about how Facebook completely reworked Instagram, changing everything from its icon to its user interface; the minimalist style doesn’t just catch your eye, but also changes the entire experience of using the app.
2) Expediency: Solve everyday problems efficiently. One of the biggest impacts that tech has had in our lives is the ability to find the solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had and offer solutions that significantly change the standards of service. It’s part of the reason why banks have been pushing to “mobilize” themselves — they cut down on the hassle so you can spend more time on the hustle.
3) Unity: Establish a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices. Google drive is a perfect example of this done right. Not only can you have several people working on the same document, but they can also be working in three different time zones on three different devices without any difficulty.

Startups and entrepreneurs are in the business of tomorrow. They are risk-takers trying to change the world, one user at a time. Don’t limit yourself by sticking to convention. Let technology act as an extra hand to give you that much more of a reach ahead. Remember: startups are the future because founders like you are part of a generation whose lives have already been changed by technology. Don’t shun it. Utilize it, and evolve your business.